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We Are Change

We Are Change

Luke brings us his latest Weekly News Wrap-up video.

Welcome back all you spiritually awakened human beings. Sorry that I haven’t been around recently, life is like a roller coaster, recently things have been down, but life must go on.

Today we begin with Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s aide being arrested. The former DNC chair who resigned in disgrace when it was discovered that she colluded with Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders during the 2016 elections. Her former aide was arrested after being accused of bank fraud while trying to flee the country for Pakistan.

The Daily Caller is reporting that she even planned to continue paying her aide while he lived in Pakistan.

Imran Awan her aide may be connected to the death of Seth Rich. Seth Rich is believed to be the DNC leaker. Washington area detective Rod Wheeler told his Twitter followers that there might be connections to the unsolved Seth Rich Murder.

Mr. Awan’s arrest came just one day after reports that the FBI had seized numerous “smashed hard drives” and other computer equipment from Awan’s previous residence. Now where this case will go and what dot’s will be connected, we still have no idea. There is a lot of speculation around this case, let me know what you think.

Moving on to the most talked about news story this week. The one where Donald Trump stated that Transgender individuals could no longer serve in the military.

John McCain who previously had slammed Obama’s move to allow transgenders in the military has now flip-flopped and is slamming Trump’s transgender ban.

I am going to state something that is very controversial; it shouldn’t only be transgendered that aren’t allowed in the military but also homosexuals, heterosexuals, and even metrosexuals. No one should join the U.S. military.

I know way too many of my personal friends that were hurt not only physically but also mentally. They were lied to, cheated and screwed over by the U.S. military industrial complex. No one should be joining, and there shouldn’t be so many senseless wars out there. Don’t listen to me though. I’m just someone who spreads fake news, according to the mainstream media.

In other war related news, Donald Trump made a very important move that shocked the military community when he said that he would no longer support the “moderate” rebel groups. The U.S. will no longer arm or fund these groups inside of Syria.

They claim they will only focus on ISIS. It looks like he is finally doing the right thing. It’s important to note that not only did the U.S. arm them, but they also paid them salaries through covert CIA programs.

The mainstream media is

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