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WATCH: Young Man Asks if He’s Being Detained, So a Half-Dozen Cops Pummel Him

Indiana, PA — Most parents would agree that their worst nightmare is something bad happening to their child and them not being able to prevent it. When a Pennsylvania father received a video of his son being attack by police for asserting his rights, this was one of those nightmares.

When retired Airforce veteran Will James got a call over the weekend with a subsequent video showing what happened, he said it was the worst day of his life. His son had been arrested after being violently taken down and punched multiple times by police for no apparent reason.

In the video, we see his son being cordial, polite and entirely non-violent. However, as he attempts to assert his rights, that is when police became violent.


While we certainly do not know or claim to know what happened prior to this video starting, we can assume that this man had not been witnessed committing a crime as police would’ve already been arresting him. Instead, police are asking for his ID to which the young man refuses—an entirely legal option in the state of Pennsylvania even if you are being arrested.

In Pennsylvania, you do not have to show ID when police stop you on the street and ask to see ID. If you are detained or arrested, you may choose to show ID when police demand it. If you choose not to show ID, you can be detained for a longer time while police attempt to identify you.

This young man had not been told he was being detained and was merely trying to walk away—as is his right. However, one cop apparently had enough of this young man attempting to assert his rights, so he moved in.

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