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WATCH: Tiny Unarmed Woman Knocked Out As Cop Tasers Her in the Back for Walking

Pittsburgh, PA — An unidentified woman was shot in the back with a taser by a cop who was apparently too afraid to simply try to handcuff her. She was not violent, was not trying to hurt anyone and merely walking slowly away from him before he shot. The cowardly incident was captured on a bystander’s cell phone.

The woman had walked out of UPMC Presbyterian hospital on Monday while being held for apparent mental issues. She allegedly ran down the road before police caught up with her.

However, once police told her to stop running, she did. After she was told to stop running, the woman then began walking. The officer, either confused or looking for a reason to deploy his taser unnecessarily, continued to yell, “stop running!” at the woman.

The officer yelled, “stop running” three to four more times at the woman who was not running before he yelled “taser, taser, taser!” and shot her in the back.

She immediately fell face first into the pavement in a fall that could prove to be life-threatening.


Multiple eye-witnesses, including the person who took the video and turned it into the local news station, claimed that the officer’s actions were excessive.

“I didn’t see the justification for the use of that excessive force,” said Henry Schwartz.

“They didn’t have to tase her, they could’ve just grabbed her. She was just walking,” another witness noted.

Another witness noted how senseless it was for such a massive cop to shoot such a small woman in the back with a taser without first making any effort to simply handcuff her.

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“I thought it was weird that they tased her just because she was so

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