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WATCH: Sadistic Cops Torture Innocent Pregnant Woman With Taser, Causing a Miscarriage

Columbus, OH — When Martini Smith got enough courage to fight back against her abusive boyfriend, she never thought it would end up with her being locked in a cage and tortured by police with a taser. However, that is exactly what happened and the horrifying moment that subsequently led to her losing her unborn baby was captured on video.

Smith was half-naked, standing in a concrete cell in Franklin County Jail when corporal Matthew Stice shot her in her chest with his taser. Her crime? She couldn’t remove her tongue ring fast enough.

“Take the tongue ring out,” Deputy Shawnda Arnold said. However, Smith was struggling as her hands had been cuffed behind her for six hours and her numb fingers couldn’t grip the stud to unscrew it. She pleaded with police to get her a paper towel so she could get traction on the ring, but they refused.

“I will tase you!” barked Stice.

“I just want to go to sleep,” Smith cried.

Instead of getting the helpless pregnant woman a paper towel to help her remove the tongue ring, Stice barked his warning again and then shot the taser directly into Smith’s bare chest.


The surge of debilitating electricity caused the mother to be to collapse into the concrete wall and then to the floor. Smith cried out in agony, gasping as she tried to maintain a bit of her humanity while being tortured—half-naked—by a male cop.

“Why did you Tase me?” she moaned. “I wasn’t harming nobody. I can’t just take it out.”

Just five days later, Smith would have a miscarriage.

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“It stays with me like it was yesterday,” Smith told Reuters of the Taser’s

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