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WATCH: Body Cam Shows Cops Lose It During Raid and Try Kill Each Other

Detroit, MI — Hot tempered cops losing their cool and beating up or otherwise hurting innocent or non-violent suspects is a regular occurrence that we frequently report on here at TFTP. However, body camera footage was just released highlighting this tendency of some cops to leave behind professionalism and their temper. This time though, their victims weren’t innocent civilians—this time, they attacked each other.

Like a pack of rabid dogs, Detroit cops from two different precincts found themselves in the same house last Thursday and then turned on each other. Now, two Detroit Police officers are off the streets and a supervisor has been removed from special operations because the cops nearly killed each other inside this person’s home.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig told WXYZ this could have ended with deaths and could also result in criminal and administrative charges.

Craig said he is going to turn over findings to the prosecutor for possible assault charges, as some officers threw punches.

“They were like Keystone Cops,” Craig said. “Very embarrassing to this organization.” For those that don’t know, the Keystone Cops (often spelled “Keystone Kops”) were fictional incompetent policemen, featured in silent film comedies in the early 20th century.

The confrontation and subsequent mass temper tantrum happened as more than two dozen officers descended upon a house, heavily armed. The group conducting the raid was unaware that their targets were undercover officers posing as drug dealers.


According to WXYZ, the chief confirmed that officers from the 11th precinct conducted the raid, executing a search warrant when they confronted undercover officers posing as drug dealers from the 12th precinct.

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As the SWAT team cops entered the home, the undercovers revealed themselves as not

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