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We Are Change

In this video, Jason Bermas tells us about the Franklin cover-up and the origins of Pedogate. Its important to know about America’s history and this includes its darker side. Why? If we never learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it.

Look at the way talk show host Stephen Colbert attacked Pizza Gate and dismissed people who believed it as uninformed and gullible. ABC News, the Washington Post and the New York Times all scrubbed the November 2016 Norway Pedophile bust story. The BBC missed opportunities to stop monstrous abuse by DJ Jimmy Savile in the UK. How can we expect victims to get help if Pedogate isn’t taken seriously?

Now its time to uncover the true origins of Pedogate…

The Franklin Cover-Up begins with a Republication and a prominent figure in the 1980s. His name was Lawrence E. King Jr. but he was more often referred to as Larry King. King ran the Nebraska Franklin Credit Union and a few other businesses. He chartered private jets, hosted extravagant parties and maintained bodyguards.

The Franklin Credit Union happened to be near ‘Boys Town’, a Catholic institution for orphaned youth. King’s bright yellow sports car was frequently seen on the Boys Town campus. Later King was linked to embezzlement. He’d stolen over 40 million dollars from the Franklin Credit Union and his financial records revealed a close-knit relationship with Boys Town. The credit union failed due to King’s embezzlement.

King’s lavish lifestyle burst into flames in 1988, just before the Republican National Convention, when seven people came forward claiming that they had been victims of King’s child abuse and prostitution. The victims claimed that King took them to various parties that he threw for the Republican elite. At these parties they claimed to have been abused.

Rusty Nelson, the photographer for Larry King, attended these parties, documenting powerful men in compromising positions with minors as a form of blackmail for King. In a court hearing in 1999, Rusty Nelson revealed his close relationship with King. Nelson relayed that he had witnessed King phone President Reagan when other individuals couldn’t resolve a specific problem. In other words, a man with abuse and child prostitution allegations had a direct line to the then President.

One of Kings victims spoke out two years before the Franklin scandal became public. In 1989, 21 year old Paul Bonacci, a convicted child molester, came forward. While serving time in an Omaha, Nebraska prison for molesting a young boy, Bonacci admitted to his psychiatrist he helped abduct Iowa newspaper boy Johnny Gosch. He claimed there was an organized ring of pedophiles in Omaha that abducts children and forces them into a life of pornography and prostitution and in some cases auctions off these children to clients for sex.

Bonacci admitted that at the age

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