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We Are Change

We Are Change

Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings to the WeAreChange Sunday recap episode. We go over all the important news you should know about including the Catalan Independence vote. We don’t distract you with CIA propaganda about the “Rocketman” or people kneeling. This is a big distraction that the mainstream media pushes on you.

In this video I will be discussing what fascism looks like, a former UK Prime Minister committing the worst act possible, a story about police fighting other police officers and the war on drugs. Plus other things to make you critically think and inform you.

As you may know, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, and unfortunately, I got sick. As a result, I just missed one of the biggest stories. That is the Catalan independence movement. In which police officers from the local Catalan and Barcelona police clashed with the national police force of Spain. These clashes took place during a vote for Catalan’s independence from the Spanish government.

It wasn’t just police officers clashing with other police but also with firefighters from the Catalan district. They got brutalized and beat by the National Spanish police who in large numbers swarmed the Catalan area to prevent the vote for independence from happening.

I have previously covered Spain’s protest movements including the “Indignados” which happened before Occupy Wall Street. I can tell you firsthand that the Spanish National Guard does not play around. They are one of the most difficult and brutal police departments in the world to deal with and I think everyone realizes that right now.

The AP is saying that over 460 people are injured so far in Catalonia. In my experiences that number won’t be even close. Many people are injured from the videos that I see online. Reports are pouring in all over social media.

This government control was not done to protect the public from protests but direct action to prevent the Catalan Independence Referendum.

Masked men from the Spanish government and national police force came in and ripped away the ballot boxes and voting booths. They ripped them away from the people for wanting to cast their votes against the Spanish government. Leaving even the elderly beaten and bloodied on the streets of Barcelona. They even went after a man and his dog.

Shocking images of grandmothers with bloodied heads and masked men taking away people. Police are detaining hundreds using the pure brute force of government repression. As this government caused, chaos continues in Barcelona there are other groups singing fascists anthems and performing Nazi salutes on the streets of the Spanish Capital of Madrid.

Google has lent their support to the Spanish government by censoring

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