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Welcome back you beautiful, amazing human beings! Just a reminder before we begin today; what you’re stressing about right now won’t even matter in a few years. So calm down relax and empower yourself with real information, which we try to provide you here on WeAreChange. In our ‘daily’ videos, which are called “What The Hell Really Happened.” Okay, your right, they’re not daily because I’m really busy.

Now that was a little cheesy, so let’s move on with the top news of today August 1, 2017. We will be talking about the very confusing, duplicitous Donald Trump. His recent moves with his cabinet and with his foreign policy. How an evil military-industrial corporation has ties to child trafficking and child sex abuse. How this company is now closer to the White House than ever before. We will also discuss Russia’s latest actions against the United States and the war-hawks that are pushing for war with North Korea.

The first story that I want to talk about is Donald Trump’s controversial move to stop funding the rebel groups inside of Syria that was just made a few days ago. There is new information out showing that Donald Trump was personally impacted from a disturbing video that he saw. That video shows the US funded and CIA backed Syrian rebels beheading and murdering a little child. It is reported that seeing this video made Donald Trump decide to end this very controversial CIA program.

You would think that cancelling a program that has cost taxpayers one billion dollars a year and that hasn’t achieved anything would be obvious. Especially one that hasn’t achieved anything other than prolong the war in Syria. It only aided and helped arm ISIS, al-Nusra, and al-Qaeda inside of Syria our sworn enemies of the West.

A similar program to ones that the Pentagon itself had, spending five hundred million dollars per year to just train “four or five” fighters inside of Syria. A program in which weapons flowed from these rebels directly into the hands of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

You would think that the program being such an utter disaster in itself would make Donald Trump stop it. Instead, it was a video, which I think is why Donald Trump initially continued this program all the way until June. The story does seem legitimate especially after Ivanka Trump saw videos of Syrian children dying from a supposed chemical attack. Which then sparked Donald Trump to attack the Syrian regime just a few weeks ago. We see a trend here.

It’s important to note that one of the UK’s largest broadcasters Channel Four tried to delete the video of this incident and cover it up after they released it.

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