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Tillerson is a Commanding Sec of State!

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: America’s 21st Century Talleyrand!
Last night I heard a brilliant analysis of the state of the world by Sec State Rex Tillerson. Of course, none of the mainstream media would have carried anything as important as what Rex had to say. Instead, thanks to the esoteric C-Span channel, I was privy to hear Rex deliver an incredible summation of what America was doing in all parts of the globe.

He was stately, measured in his speech, and quite impressive. POTUS Trump was right to pick the civil engineer who had scaled the parapets of competition to become the CEO of ExxonMobil, a $400B corporation. First and foremost, Tillerson looks and acts like a Secretary of State. Furthermore, he calmly described our relationship to the different parts of the world in a meticulous, sonorous voice that reinforced the image of a man who belonged in the most exalted positions of our government.

Rarely have I ever heard any of our past Secretaries of State discuss in a forceful, empathic way how we, Americans, were doing our best in exceedingly complicated foreign entanglements. He did not boast nor did he prevaricate. He did not need to do what John Kerry would do; insert his self-aggrandizement into every conceivable newspaper and TV show.

Rex Tillerson is the best of America. He is modest, unapologetic, and exceedingly smart. Unlike HRC, Condi, or Albright, he had no need to exaggerate his accomplishments with an assortment of meaningless words.

During the C-SPAN interview, he explained that we were working in concert with all of our allies overseas, be it in the Middle East, or the Far East. He admitted that he was reorganizing the bloated State Dept. [20,000+ employees] from the bottom up unlike his predecessors who could not even manage their way through the seventh floor.

Like the outstanding manager he must have been at ExxonMobil Oil, Tillerson explained his management philosophy which acknowledged that some FSO were not on the same page.That was fine with him. He emphasized that these malcontents were given an alternative: find another job within the building, or leave.

My kind of management!

He then thanked and named each of his Assistant Secretaries of State or Under Sec. of State who had helped organize his travels around the globe. He emphasized he could not have accomplished anything without these ‘talented FSOs’.

I never heard Kissinger, Shultz, nor Baker make such a public announcement of gratitude. The reason was simple. They never had the need nor did they know how to use a wide array of FSOs to help them accomplish their specific task assignments.

Tillerson was an Eagle Scout who played the kettle/snare drums at Huntsville High School and made it to the CEO of a major American corporation. He then went onto the Secretary of State. Rex has redefined the path of success that a true American civil engineer can take without having to kowtow to affirmative action nor prostrate himself in front

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