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Port Orange, FL — Disturbing video was uploaded to Instagram by a student at Spruce Creek High School which shows a massive police officer grab a small student by the neck and violently throw him to the ground.

The incident was so brutal that it sparked a massive backlash by the students and the school was forced to go on lockdown as police moved in to suppress the revolt. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office had to call in the Port Orange police who forced all students to stay in their classrooms.

“It was very crazy because all of the students were like going crazy over it, because everyone knows him because he’s pretty popular around school,” student Richard Ballard said.

“The deputy grabbed him by his neck and slammed him on the ground,” Freshman Javon Bell who witnessed the brutality said of the incident.

The student had not been violent and police only said he had thrown his backpack down and “appeared agitated.” So, the massive deputy, James Moore, moved in for the kill.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said the student faced the deputy and lifted his arms in a fighting stance when the deputy grabbed him. However, in the video, the deputy is seen grabbing the student from the side before slamming him to the ground. The student did have his arms in the air, but it is unclear if this was a fight stance or just talking with his hands.

According to the report, the incident began when the 16-year-old boy got into a verbal argument with his girlfriend. When the assistant principal, Ryan Mahaney told him to go to the office, the student allegedly refused and began swearing and yelling. That is when Moore showed up.

Mahaney repeatedly asked the 16-year-old to go to the office, but he

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