Posted by The AntiMedia on January 9, 2018 1:57 pm

(ANTIWAR.COM) — Following up on last night’s surprise attempt to attack the Russian airbase at Hmeimim by a drone belonging to a Syrian Islamist faction, a whole flurry of additional armed drones have made attempted runs at Russian military bases along the Syrian coast on Monday.

The drones came from about 30 miles away, guided by GPS units, and made runs against both Hmeimim, and the Tartus naval base on the Mediterranean. None managed to successful reach their targets.

According to a statement from the Russians, seven were shot down with anti-aircraft missiles, while the other six crashed and otherwise landed outside of the bases without doing any damage at all.

Hmeimim base was successfully attacked by rebels last week with artillery strikes, damaging several Russian planes. The drones so far haven’t done anything, but underscore the rebels’ willingness to keep trying to strike such targets.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report

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