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Revolution Brewing in Russia’s Teenage Wasteland!

Russia’s Generation Z Teenagers: Unforeseen Revolution from Teenage Wasteland!

Every revolution has a parent. In our 1776 American  Revolution, it was initiated by our ‘founding fathers’. The 1917 Russian Revolution had Lenin and Trotsky as the instigators.

On May 26, 2017, thousands of Russian teenagers in 82 different cities protested the pervasive corruption and political cronyism embedded in Putin’s Kremlin. As Ksenia Semenova, a contributor to Stratfor, reported:

“Pictures of teens climbing street lamps, speaking to crowds and being arrested by bulky policemen flooded the internet, causing many Russian media outlets to publicly wonder whether the burgeoning movement was the most youthful the nation had ever seen.”
You betcha!

No two elements of the 21st century could conflate more easily than the youth on the internet and the invested former-KGB-agents-cum-oligarchs running the country.

Time after time, masses of deprived Russian citizens took to the streets protesting the fact that Putin and his cronies were completely unable to run Russia without resorting to bribes, intimidation, and arrests. Perhaps, in the old Soviet Union days this may have worked. Unfortunately for Putin and Dmitry Medvedev [the innocent choirboy, not!] they no longer have a grip on the power necessary to ameliorate the worsening financial and political conditions in Russia.

While Russia is playing footsies in Syria and other parts of the Middle East, it has not been able to address the major problems at home. Remember it was an unnecessary war [WWI] that brought forth the anger and the discontent of the Russian peasants who finally rebelled and killed Czar Nicholas II and his family. Similarly, the present unnecessary wars in which Russia is engaged have led the country, once again into bankruptcy.

When I first learned of Putin’s assignment as KGB Director in Moscow, I happened to be at the KGB headquarters in Dzerzhinsky Square. I explained to the Moscow operatives who Putin was and a little bit about his background as an East German operative. I had a sense that Putin was far better than Yeltsin with only one caveat: He was and would always be a “KGB Operative” working on the tactical level, very rarely on a strategic format. The article I wrote for American Intelligence described Putin as KGB through and through. In some ways, he was not all that different from the CIA operatives who had become POTUSs including Bill/Hillary Clinton, Bush Sr./Jr., Obama, et. al. For me belonging to an intelligence unit was not right, wrong or better. It was simply a matter of fact.

Once Putin consolidated his power through repression, arrests, and murder; he entered a new league of despots who eventually would have to end their lives much as they began it –through violence and terror. There is no question in my mind that for these brave teenagers to become effective in what they want to do, it will eventually end up in mass arrests and tortures.

Putin is literally fighting for his life not simply his political life. Like the Romanovs, the

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