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We Are Change

We Are Change

Greetings amazing humans.. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, as well as some additional info.

It feels like the worse a national tragedy is, the worst comes out in people. Of course, I’m talking about the hundreds who are injured, and the dozens who are no longer with us just because they went to a concert in Las Vegas.

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Its also available on YouTube as seen below:

I’m very carefully trying not to offend or hurt anyone in this time of mourning, trauma, and pain. Which is something many people in both the MSM and indie-media haven’t been doing. They deserve to be called out as the cancer on society that they are.

What happened in Las Vegas is a horrific national tragedy, and people still try to make it all about themselves. We also see a lot of nitpicking of information like the tweet that said that the shooter supposedly shouted “Trump.”

You may have heard that many people on the left were saying a white supremacist Trump supporter committed these heinous acts. We have major news organizations blaming White American men calling them “a bigger domestic threat than Muslim foreigners.”

Politicians and pundits, of course, see this suffering and yet, they still want to “Never let a good crisis go to waste”- using it as a platform to push their political agenda.

Hillary Clinton contributed a huge facepalm moment to this, showing a complete lack of hindsight, saying “We must put politics aside” but in the same sentence said, “and stand up to the NRA.”

Very few of the details of the shooting were out at the time of her tweet!

Many of the loudest voices out there are the ones most disconnected from the emotional suffering going on.

Like one of the top executives at CBS, who said that she had no sympathy for the Vegas victims as they were as she puts it- “country music fans who are often Republican gun-toters.”

Now, of course, she was just fired because of those public comments that she made on her Facebook page.

The delusional reports don’t just spew out from the left side; it’s also the right… It’s the same crap every time. This narrative that fits perfectly into the fear-mongering that some right-wing news organizations have been pushing for years.

Where does the information come from?

Who puts their name behind the baseless claims that this was an Antifa ISIS member?

What evidence did they have?

Surprise~ it’s a “Deep level intelligence insider.” An anonymous source is not providing any evidence but very conveniently providing this supposed news organization

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