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POTUS Trump will make a Deal w/ North Korea!

POTUS Trump Will Sign Non-Aggression Pact With North Korea!

In the midst of the FBI’s scurrilous behavioral profiles of non-existent deranged shooters [Adam Lanza, Devin P. Kelly], POTUS Trump has ventured forth into the complex psychological/political labyrinth of North Korea’s Kim Jung Un. At what could be one of his finest hours, Trump has understood the art of the deal.

After credibly threatening NK, he assured the world ‘that things will work out’ [NY Times, Nov.7, 2017]. What he really means is that other channels of covert communications to Kim have shown promise with regards to Kim’s willingness to denuclearize NK.


For the most part, NK has been too dependent on China for over fifty years. It also fears the rising Pacific wrath of a war-torn Japan that had imprisoned Korea for hundred years. Thus, the presence in Seoul of an elderly former ‘WWII Japanese comfort woman’ at the negotiation table with South Korean President Moon in order to remind Kim that Japan’s passed brutality is omnipresent. With the extraordinary help of the USG, Japan has built the largest most lethal navy- second only to ours.

Trump made certain that DOD Secretary James Mattis ordered CINCPAC to provide a force structure that could convince any wayward leader that nuclear war was useless and completely self-destructive. Four aircraft carriers plus untold numbers of American nuclear subs served as the visual cue for nuclear deterrence to such an extent that both China and Russia ‘said they would oppose war on the Korean Peninsula’ [NY Times].

What was left unspoken is that Americans have over one hundred active military bases surrounding both China and Russia and of course, North Korea. The rest is left to Kim’s imagination. BTW, please don’t forget that like Ivanka, Kim was tutored in a high class Swiss Boarding school.

Trump is going for the full package. He encouraged President Moon to buy over one billion dollars of US military hi-tech weapons in order to realign our budgetary imbalance with South Korea.

I suspected that Trump has made a similar deal with Japanese Prime Minister Abe. With respect to Chinese President Xi Jiping, Trump has accorded him the full respect that he deserves as both the leader of the Communist Party and the nation’s civilian President.

My suspicions is that Xi had to be instrumental in helping to develop the impending treaty with North Korea.

Let me quote from the NYTimes:

“The view that NK would start war to communize Korea doesn’t make sense anymore”, said Kim Yong-hyun, a professor at Dongguk University in Seoul. “North Korea knows that if it ever uses a nuclear weapon, it means self-destruction.”
Here is what Donald Trump has said:

“Sometimes by losing the battle you find a new way to win the war [peace].”

And he added:

“No dream is too big. No challenge too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.” 

Amen to peace!

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