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Officials Reveal Vegas Gunman Was Given Access to Service Elevator at Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas, NV — One of the most asked questions about the massacre in Las Vegas was, “How did Stephen Paddock get hundreds of pounds of ammo and nearly two dozen assault rifles into his suite on the 32 floor of Mandalay Bay without anyone noticing?” Thanks to a new report, we may now have that answer—he was allowed to use the service elevator.

The official story of how and why Stephen Paddock murdered 58 people at a music festival in Las Vegas last week is falling apart. This week, as TFTP reported, police made massive reversals in their narrative which raised a myriad of questions and speculation. Now, according to a report from ABC, we are learning that Paddock had access to and used the service elevator at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in the days leading up to his attack on the country music festival.

According to AP, officials briefed on the investigation told ABC News that Paddock’s access to the service elevator was a perk for high rollers. No further information about when and how he used the elevator has been released.

What makes this new revelation particularly interesting is that on Sunday, chief executive of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn slipped up and seemingly indicated that he knew Paddock used the elevator—days before officials released this information to the media.


“You’d never stop a man like this (Paddock) from coming in the building,” Wynn told FOX News on Sunday. “However,” he continued, “nobody in this company’s history, no public person, has ever walked in the service elevator unless they were accompanied by security. Uh, that wouldn’t happen.”

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This tidbit of information was offered up randomly as they

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