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Meanwhile……..Trump Triumphs!

Meanwhile… Trump’s Team Has Defeated ISIS in Iraq and We Have a Cease-Fire in Syria!

Not bad for a new administration! Congrats to All! One would think that the onslaught of news concerning Trump Jr was the most important determinant of this new administration. Not one news rag featured the recent defeat of ISIS by the American-assisted Iraq forces.

What Bush Jr had wrought in his ignorance/arrogance in 9/11, Trump &Co. [Sec. Def. James Mattis et. al. ] have successfully defeated ISIS in Mosul, Iraq. Awaiting further outcome is the impending cease-fire in Syria between USA and Russia. Despite such achievements, this administration continues to be eviscerated by the MSM while the VP Mike Pence wastes little time garnering large-sized donations from fellow Republicans in case he might become POTUS.

Despite the yellow journalism headlines that the administration is in disarray, the truth is that Team Trump is accomplishing quite a lot. Yet,little notice is given to any of such successes.

Obamacare is being dissembled to be replaced [hopefully] by a more flexible, less expensive health care plan. The military is doing what the military has not done for the past few decades—fighting at will as well as winning wars. Nuclear war in North Korea has been averted. Russia has become a stronger ally of Trump’s since the G-20 conference.

It’s mind boggling how obsessed the MSM has become with the minutest details of an administration and a family that has accomplished so much. Whether Trump Jr did or did not receive salacious materials concerning HRC is not all that important because HRC self-destructed with the aid of a $100million donation. No amount of trivia can supplant HRC’s own incompetency in running a less than a valiant race without even the apparent help of her savvy “Slick Willy”.

Now, the dying MSM wants to organize a union of sorts in order to bargain [or more appropriately sue] both digital content giants: Google and Facebook.

Good luck!
It ain’t going to happen.

Both companies could swallow up the MSM without a mouthful of effort. The MSM has become completely irrelevant. It’s now supplanted by the blogs, news clips, videos, Instagram, Youtube etc. Journalistic news has become ‘fake news’ and vice versa.

Our great Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, wrote the following:

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers [MSM].” 

Or Sonny Bono who said:

“The less you know, the more you believe.”

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