Posted by The AntiMedia on October 31, 2017 6:06 pm

(ANTIMEDIA) Every Halloween, warnings to parents sound the alarm on cannabis and other drugs ending up in their children’s candy. While these advisories rarely come to fruition, another dangerous substance is guaranteed to be in kids’ treats: sugar.

Though the link between sugar consumption and cancer has been increasingly established in recent years, researchers at KU University in Belgium published further evidence this month in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications.

According to a press release from VIB, a research institute affiliated with study researcher Johan Johan Thevelein, who co-founded the nine-year joint research project that released the findings:

“Scientists have clarified how the Warburg effect, a phenomenon in which cancer cells rapidly break down sugars, stimulates tumor growth. This discovery provides evidence for a positive correlation between sugar and cancer, which may have far-reaching impacts on tailor-made diets for cancer patients.

Non-cancerous cells produce energy through aerobic respiration, which breaks down digested food into energy. Through this

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