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Man Records Cop Stealing From His Farm, Reports It To The Dept—No Charges Filed

Image: KRQE

Valencia County, NM — A tech savvy New Mexico farmer says he caught a Valencia County Sheriff’s deputy stealing from his farm, and is now demanding justice. Matthew Chavez told KRQE News 13 he knows who the police officer is who’s been stealing from him because he caught him on camera and says he used to purchase hay from him but has resorted to stealing it now.

Chavez told reporters he had given Deputy Fred Torres many opportunities to come clean and admit he was stealing from Chavez but the officer did not. So, the farmer took the surveillance photos to the police department and filed a criminal complaint against him.

The mild-mannered farmer set a trap for the police officer by setting up a wildlife camera in an area where he says he noticed his hay disappearing.


I noticed a little bit of hay each time missing so that’s what made me go put up the camera and it was right there in plain sight.

He says he was shocked after downloading the images to learn the thief was wearing a police uniform and says he immediately recognized Torres because the officer had purchased hay from him in the past.

When confronted with the indisputable facts the farmer said Torres owned up to taking some bales of hay back in late 2016, but the farmer knew even that was a lie. He said:

He admitted to taking 20 [bales] but that was back in December and I had him on camera in April so it’s been ongoing.

Chavez explained his deep seeded frustrations not only with the theft of fruits of his labor, but also with the fact the dishonest person was supposed to be locking up the very type of individual

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