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Horrifying Video Shows Cops Torture Innocent Man With Taser Until He Defecated Himself

Knoxville, TN — Paul Edward Branch had just watched his apartment burn to the ground and, as he sat on the fire truck, shirtless, shoeless, and dazed, several Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies approached him. Within seconds, Branch went from contemplating replacing his belongings to being assaulted and tortured by men who claim they protect society.

Body camera footage from KCSO Deputy Paul Saah shows Branch’s nightmare unfold as he was shocked with 50,000 volts, repeatedly, in such a torturous and unnecessary manner that his bowels released. Ten times in just 64 seconds, the sadistic deputy fired his taser as his fellow deputies piled on top of the man.

As the footage shows, Branch was complying with every command given to him by the deputies. However, because he was moving slower than they liked, the situation quickly escalated.

A KNOX News review of court records and the video shows the following:

“Why are you soaking wet?” Saah asked Branch as Branch had his back turned to the deputy with his hands still behind his back. “Can you relax a little bit, dude?”


Saah struggled with one of the handcuffs and began saying, “Quit.” A second unidentified deputy pushed Branch’s head against the truck.

“You’re going to get (stunned) right now,” Saah said.

Saah then fired his Taser into Branch’s neck. Branch fell face down on the pavement. Saah then said, “Get your Taser out, Gomez.”

As the footage shows, Branch complied with the deputies as leaned up against the truck and sat there with his hands behind his back. However, seemingly unable to control his urge to inflict senseless pain and suffering, Saah told Deputy Christian L. Gomez to “shoot him,” so he fired his taser at the man as well.

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