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Hawaii Dem Rep. REALLY conflicted about how Trump should respond to N. Korea

**Written by Doug Powers

In Hawaii yesterday, an Emergency Management employee pushed the wrong button — twice — and sent the islands into a panic:

Oh boy.
Vern Miyagi on Hawaii missile alert mistake: “There is a screen that says, ‘are you sure you want to do this.’…it was pushed anyway.”

— Pat Ward (@WardDPatrick) January 13, 2018

A slapstick sequel to “War Games” just wrote itself.

The state’s emergency management leaders are obviously going to have to put additional safeguards in place to improve upon their only current guideline for employees:

Hawaii Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard used the situation to call for a review of emergency procedures in her home state slam Trump:

“The people of Hawaii just got a taste of the stark reality of what we face here of a potential nuclear strike on Hawaii,” Gabbard said during a phone interview on CNN minutes after the alert was broadcast across the islands.

“This is a real threat facing Hawaii,” she said.
Gabbard criticized President Trump for his administration’s response to North Korea’s past provocations during her CNN interview Saturday.

“Donald Trump is taking too long. He’s not taking this threat seriously,” she asserted.

With that in mind, rewind the tape to just four days ago:

Threatening Kim Jong-un with preemptive military action undermines the diplomatic discussions underway between North and South Korea. It’s time for us to drop the regime change playbook and join our allies and adversaries at the negotiating table.

— Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) January 10, 2018

We have our “flip-flop of the week,” no more calls please!


Some of the major brainpower in Hollywood weighed in as well, blaming a civil defense employee’s mistake on… guess who:

This Hawaii missle scare is on YOU Mr.

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