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Harvey Weinstein Flashpoint for Hypocrisy!

Harvey Weinstein: Flash Point for Hollywood and DOD/CIA Hypocrisy!

At a time when our collective attention should be concentrated on issues of increasing wars and badly needed disaster-relief for the fires and floods, the NY Times has decided to focus its narratives on the misogynist behaviors of Harvey Weinstein, former CEO of Miramax Films.
Why now?
Why him?

As I have repeatedly stated, nothing in our MSM or USG happens by accident. I find it interesting that just about the time that the Mandalay false flag had transpired, Harvey’s misogynist past unexpectedly rises to the forefront of our collective concerns. The NY Times and most of Hollywood elite were cognizant of his boorish behavior.

I knew Harvey from one of my former incarnations as an Executive Producer of 4hour TV miniseries shown on both NBC and ABC networks. Harvey is a transparent Flushing NY boorish Jew whose parents were in the diamond industry. When he and I did some business together, Weinstein was delighted to tell me in detail how proud he was of his Flushing heritage. I had to agree that he and his quieter, more distinguished brother, Bob Weinstein, built a powerhouse of a film company called Miramax Films. Harvey pointed out the irony that two boys from Flushing with limited higher education could produce such esoteric Oscar Winners as:

“Sex, Lies, and Videotapes” “The Crying Game” “The English Patient”  “Good Will Hunting”.

In the end, I felt that Miramax was too sophisticated a studio to produce my Tom Clancy’s Op Center/Net Force series. I needed something along the lines of ABC or NBC. We parted company, and I never saw him again. I knew nothing about his sexual harassments in Hollywood. However, I was not surprised to learn that he had acted out his misogyny.

Hollywood Proper was infested with incest, depravity, sexual harassment, sexual aberrations and worst of all, ‘pedophilia’. Pedophilia was endemic to the industry including Disney Studios where child actors were at a premium [read Musketeers].

Child actors Corey Feldman and Elijah Woods have recently come out, as well as Brad Pitt, to denounce the full spectrum of pedophilia nesting comfortably within the hierarchy of the Hollywood elite. Yet, it seems as if no one is bold enough to name names.

I would name them if I had had any experience with that on my set. I ran a very tight production company consisting of about 132 people and 22 Unions. For the most part, I found everyone to be cordial, exceedingly professional, and very courteous. Most of my people were duly informed that I would not tolerate sex, drugs or anything else that might impede the shooting of the film.  Let me assure even in the best of time, it is very difficult to write a good script  and realized it through the tedious process of pre-  and post-production.

No let me make the real point of this blog: the real whores and miscreants of Hollywood are none other than our own military, SEAL

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