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Twelve people have been confirmed killed in a devastating fire that ripped through a west London tower block and police expect the death toll to rise. 40 fire engines attended the fire and at least 200 firefighters tackled the blaze. The cause of the fire is not yet known. The fire is believed to have started on the fourth floor.

40 fire engines & 200 firefighters have been called to the Lancaster West Estate tower block fire #NorthKensington

— London Fire Brigade (@LondonFire) June 14, 2017

Up to 600 people are believed to have been inside Grenfell Tower’s 120 flats when the blaze tore through the 24-storey building in the early hours. The fire was first reported at 00:54 BST in West London.

At least 75 people have been taken to five hospitals and the London Ambulance say 20 are in critical condition. Many people are still missing after residents were left trapped on the upper floors as flames rapidly spread up the block after initially being told to stay in their homes.

Latimer Road blocks on fire ???? I hope they got out alive and are safe

— ???? (@sarmadbdk) June 14, 2017

People watching helplessly from the outside spoke of residents trapped and screaming for help with some forced to throw their children from windows and others jumping from the upper floors. Some were reported to have attempted to use bin bags as makeshift parachutes.

Pictures and videos were shared across social media, showing flames engulfing the block and a plume of smoke visible across the capital. Parts of the 24-storey building were still on fire at 12:46 on Wednesday.

The fire could be clearly seen from some distance away.

@BBCNews massive fire. Tower set ablaze near Latimer Road station.

— Reda Shetty (@reda_shetty) June 14, 2017

The Fire Brigade said that a structural engineer has checked the block and it is not in danger of collapsing.

These are Heroes, firefighters spending hours trying to help people and not giving up. #GlenfellTower

— Mohammed Shafiq (@mshafiquk) June 14, 2017

Here is how the tower looked before:

One resident, interviewed by the BBC, said that he was just falling asleep as he smelt smoke. His family were all asleep. If he’d have gone to bed early, they may never have got out. He said there was no fire alarm to wake them. He said some of the other residents had fire alarms but he could barely hear them.

This woman says that the fire brigade had visited the block the Saturday before the fire and told residents to stay in their flats and close their doors as the doors should keep the fire out for

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