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Graphic Video Released Showing Cop Kill Elderly Librarian During a Police Demo

Punta Gorda, FL — She only intended to support police — whose collective, national reputation has been sullied by countless questionable killings — so, Mary Knowlton attended the Citizens Academy to try and understand the dangers of policing firsthand.

Instead, the 73-year-old retired librarian discovered too late why the pervasive fear of law enforcement in the United States is not only perfectly justified, it’s sound advice — Punta Gorda Police Officer Lee Coel fatally shot Knowlton during a demonstration for which she volunteered — because the inexcusably inept cop had loaded live instead of blank rounds in his firearm.

Coel and Punta Gorda Police Chief Tom Lewis have both been charged over the August 9, 2016, shooting — the former has pled not guilty to felony first-degree manslaughter, the latter, with second-degree misdemeanor culpable negligence.

Now, local network WINK has obtained video of the tragic shooting — which shows moments of confusion and shock in the aftermath of Coel’s demonstration gone horrifically awry.

Designed to be a training scenario for dozens of civilians attending the Academy’s session, Coel sported a face mask and hooded sweatshirt to give the appearance of a thug — Knowlton ironically volunteered to play the role of victim.

Emerging from the crowd of 35 civilian pupils, Knowlton takes her position as instructed for Coel’s demonstration. When Knowlton raises the blue simulation gun, loaded with “soap bullets,” the officer fires — and she immediately crumples to the ground.

Moments tick by without any movement from the crowd of shocked onlookers, Coel, nor any of the other officers present for the supposedly safe “shoot, don’t shoot” demonstration — until Coel abruptly grasps something amiss and rushes to Knowlton, additional officers quickly follow.

Gary Knowlton, the victim’s husband — and most of the civilian attendees, according to a

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