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Good Choice! General John Kelly!

Former Marine General John Kelly Replaces Reince Priebus as WH Chief of Staff!

Since the beginning of POTUS Trump’s WH tenure, I have insisted that the professional Republican politicos like Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus should be fired ASAP! Trump has finally come around to my way of thinking.

I presume that Trump and I both appreciate the superiority of highly trained professional military officers when it comes to maintaining maximum efficiency in a complex system. For those of you who have never been in the military, it is a highly efficient asset-management system. If you need trucks, tanks or jeeps in northern Syria, they will be delivered on time and for the most part, on budget.

Trump understands that ‘professional politicians’ are neither professional nor really sophisticated in handling delicate political problems. Such politicos are a compilation of personal ambition disguised by pandering and self-aggrandizment.

General Kelly served as Commander of US Southern Command. In that august position, he had to negotiate a series of complex agreements among Central and Latin American countries. That takes an incredible amount of psychological and political savvy. It’s not an accident that one after another civilian in the WH is being replaced by a senior military officer. If you want something done on time and under budget: let the military do it!

I worked with another officer in SOUTHCOM and that was three-star Lieutenant General Mark Cisneros. I found him to be extremely talented.  He was born a tenth generation Texan of Mexican heritage.  He eventually became the President of Texas A&M, Kingsville [1998-2001]. He went on to take over the position of CEO for the John G. and Marie Stella Kennedy Memorial Foundation in Corpus Christi, TX.

As Mark once said about himself: “he was a hell of a soldier.”

When Gen. Kelly leaves his WH position in eight years, he might be running for president of an Ivy League school or CEO of a multibillion dollar company.

Our military is mostly about managing and encouraging young people to work together to accomplish a useful task. What better people to run our country than those who bravely fought for it?
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“Health is the greatest gift. Contentment is the greatest wealth. And faithfulness is the best relationship.”

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