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‘Get Back or You’re Next’: Cops Threaten Mom for Asking Them to Stop Bashing Her Son’s Face

Bridgeport, CT — A family is horrified and is seeking justice after watching multiple police officers manhandle and punching a teen in the face multiple times during a routine traffic stop. To make matters worse, the cop doing the punching threatened the mother of the teen for asking officers to stop.

An internal investigation is now underway after video of the incident surfaced and subsequently went viral on social media. In the short video, we see 18-year-old Aaron Kearney held up against a vehicle by several cops as a female officer repeatedly punches him in the face.

“Don’t hurt my son,” Kearney’s mother cries to police. “You’re punching my son.”

“I am,” a female officer is heard responding, “get back.”

That unidentified female officer is the one who refuses to stop punching Kearney in the face.


“Why is she fucking my son up?” the mother asks.

She’s then met with a response from the same officer, “get back or you’re next.”

While it certainly appears that Kearney is struggling, it is important to note that it is particularly hard to remain entirely still as you are getting punched in the face.

Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez said he placed several officers on administrative status while the Office of Internal Affairs investigates.

As FOX61 reports, they spoke exclusively with Kearney’s aunt Tiffany Elliott.

“That’s what we have a serious issue with right now because you should not be in law enforcement if you’re threatening people like that,” Elliott said. “By saying “you’re next,” is she next to get beat up? Is she next to be detained for no reason at all? We don’t know what she meant by that, but it was wrong.”

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