Examples of “FAKE NEWS” Reported By The Mainstream Media!

Many of the latest examples of fake news are based on the mainstream media exaggerating a story that is not based on fact. After the false story goes viral with thousands of shares on social media, the news outlet is made aware of their “error" and issues a correction of their story. Thousands were made to believe the false story and never hear about the correction. There are also numerous examples of “fake news" that show how the mainstream media misrepresents facts by failing to verify sources prior to reporting. This is the current state of “fake news" and why many people consider CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, and others to be Fake News. Below are several examples of this disease that is infiltrating newspapers, websites, and social media everywhere. Please share!

reuters fake news

FAKE CLAIM: Soon after his inauguration,Trump put the EPA and other federal agencies on a “Gag Order" and told them that they couldn’t send news releases, write social media posts, blog entries or official website content, or speak to the media. This was an attempt to “muzzle" them. (Sources: CBS News, Reuters, SFGate, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, Washington Post, The Verge, Fortune, Tech Crunch)

FACT CHECK: This is normal procedure when a new President takes office. Similar orders were instituted under Obama and Bush several times and this move was far from unprecedented. Even the New York Times reported the EPA’s position as, “I don’t think this is a story” who seemed baffled as to why it was making the news. Nearly identical memos were issued during the Obama administration according to a USDA official. Besides, it’s a longstanding policy amongst federal agencies to clear statements with senior government officials prior to releasing them to the media. (Sources: Daily Caller, U.S. News and World Report, NY TimesScience Mag2010 “Gag Order", 2008 “Gag Order")

FAKE CLAIM: The Trump administration repealed a rule that requires background checks for severely mentally ill people to buy guns. This news was met with outrage as the story was picked up by dozens of mainstream media outlets and went viral online – some later deleted or updated their story. (Sources: NPR – original article, CNN – original article, The Independent, Washington Post  -deleted article, AP, CNBC – original article, NBC News, Bloomberg, New York Times)

FACT CHECK: The Trump administration did repeal a rule, but only one that required background checks for people on Social Security Disability who use a representative to help them manage their benefits due to mental disability. This repeal was actually backed by the ACLU, National Association for Mental Health, American Association of People with Disabilities, and National Council on Disability – because the original rule marginalized people as mentally ill if they simply receive assistance by SSA for managing their finances. It was highly misleading to state the rule applied to severely mentally ill people. (Sources: The GuardianNational Review, ACLU, National Council on Disability, NPR -corrected, CNN – corrected)

FAKE CLAIM: The State Department’s entire senior management team resigned soon after Trump’s inauguration because they don’t want to stick around under him. (Source: Washington Post, The Hill)

FACT CHECK: This is typical for political appointees in the executive branch during a administration transition, yet the Washington Post greatly exaggerated the story and it was picked up by dozens of other media outlets. Some senior officials did resign, but it was a relatively small number. This was business as usual! (Sources: Vox, State Department Press Office)

FAKE CLAIM: The Russians penetrated the U.S. electrical grid by hacking into a Vermont utility. (Source: Washington Post – original article)

FACT CHECK: The hacked utility computer was not attached to the U.S. electrical grid and malware with no link the Russians was found to be responsible for the hack. The Washington Post (who were the first to report the story) never had any actual proof that Russians were involved and ran with the story anyway. They issued a correction days after the story went viral. (Sources: Project Veritas, Breitbart)

FAKE CLAIM: A bank established by Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, foreclosed the home of a 90-year-old woman for a 27-cent payment error: “OneWest subsidiary sent [Ossie] Lofton a bill for $423.30. She sent a check for $423. The bank sent another bill, for 30 cents. Lofton, 90, sent a check for three cents. In November 2014, the bank foreclosed.” The story originally reported by Politico went viral with tens of thousands of shares, further promoted by reporters from The New York Times, AP, and more. (Sources: Politico – original article, MSNBCVanity Fair, NY Daily NewsHuffington Post)

FACT CHECK: Ms. Lofton’s home was never foreclosed on and it wasn’t even Mnuchin’s bank that brought the suit. Politico issued a correction after the damage had been done. (Source: Ted Frank, Director, Center for Class Action Fairness)

FAKE CLAIM: President Trump’s so-called “Muslim Ban” was responsible for the death of a Detroit business owner’s mother, who was blocked from traveling to the U.S. for medical treatment, although she even had a green card. Originally reported by a Fox News affiliate in Detroit, the story went crazy-viral with hundreds of thousands of shares, reported on numerous outlets, and further promoted by several reporters and social media personalities. (Sources: Fox Detroit, The Independent, NY Daily News).

FACT CHECK: Fox did not verify the Detroit business owner’s story before reporting it, and later found out he had lied about when she died (5 days before Trump signed any orders). Fox issued a correction, after the fake story had gone viral. (Sources: Fox Detroit – correction)

Josh Rogin Washington Post fake news

FAKE CLAIM: Josh Rogin of Washington Post claimed Rep. Tulsi Gabbard lied in stating that a group named ACCESS paid for her trip to Syria and her lie was exposed because the group ACCESS has not existed in years. (Sources: Josh Rogin of Washington Post, Washington Post – Rev 1, Washington Post – Rev 2)

FACT CHECK: Gabbard said that the group AACCESS (two A’s) paid for her trip and Washington Post didn’t properly fact check before making accusations. After the damage was done, Washington Post issued a correction. (Washington Post – Rev 2)

International Business Times fake news

FAKE CLAIM: Secretary of Education Betsy DeVois wants to take away free lunches for poor children. (Sources: International Business Times, Inquistr, The Outline, Affinity Mag, Twitter)

FACT CHECK: This claim is based on her talk at CPAC 2017 – however, she was not talking about school lunches. She invoked the popular expression “there’s no such thing as a free lunch" which means “you can’t get something for nothing" while describing a conversation she had with Bernie Sanders in which they discussed tuition-free public college education. Further, the National School Lunch Program is administered by the USDA, not the Department of Education. As the Secretary of Education, she has no authority over this USDA program. (Sources: CPAC 2017, Education Week, The Lunch Tray, USDA)

The Latest Examples Of “Fake News" In 5 Minutes:

Global Research, February 28, 2017 -
Who is really behind Fake News? Mainstream media.
The mainstream corporate media is desperate. They want to suppress independent and alternative online media, which it categorizes as “fake news”. Readers on social media are warned not to go onto certain sites. The intent of this initiative is to smear honest reporting and Truth in Media. Our analysis confirms that the mainstream media are routinely involved in distorting the facts and turning realities upside down. They are the unspoken architects of “Fake News”. One area of routine distortion is the use of fake videos and images by the mainstream media.
Why do people say CNN is fake news?

CNN uses a cameraman and wannabe actor to portray a protestor.

This “protestor" is John Grkovic – see his resume.

20th Century Fox Admits To Creating Fake News Websites…
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