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Elizabeth Warren reminds downtrodden on Martha’s Vineyard she’s fighting for them (open thread)

**Written by Doug Powers

Another fine summer Sunday is upon us, and with it the accompanying global warming has swept in another open thread with some odds and ends that slipped through the cracks during the week. Off we go…

Nobody can visit Martha’s Vineyard without coming away with the impression that the struggle is real. So, not unlike Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren showed up at a Vineyard town hall to remind the marginalized and downtrodden that she’s fighting on their behalf:

The headline is befitting somebody with Dances With Identity Fraud’s resume, and the crowd roared in approval after Warren pledged to redistribute everybody’s wealth except those who live on Martha’s Vineyard.

After reminding the audience that “words matter” using a Trump example, Warren helped show why Dems will continue to lose by approaching the opposition like this:

“Every one of you knows somebody who lives in a state with a Republican senator . . . Urge them to get out, please. Urge them to go to the office, carry a sign. Urge them to make their voices heard, and make your voice heard. Pick up your phone, email, tweet, every part of this. We need the sound; we need your energy from the grassroots up. It’s democracy.”
She said it is critical to speak with those who hold opposing views: “This is the moment, you’ve actually got to reach out and talk to your crazy uncle.”

Elizabeth Warren diagnosing somebody as crazy should be the new clinical definition of sanity.


Progressives & socialists like Bernie Sanders don’t see any inconsistencies here:


Phil Donahue’s memory in regards to the history of American politics seems to be less comprehensive than mine:

Former talk-show host Phil Donahue on Saturday reflected on

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