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Don’t Mess with Hezbollah!

Hezbollah, Once a Terrorist Group, Fights with Syrian Army to Defeat ISIS/Islamists on Lebanon Border!
Years ago, Hezbollah was considered a terrorist group that was attempting to seek political legitimacy through violence. Eventually Hezbollah, led by the brilliant Hassan Nasarallah, became part of the legitimate Lebanese political landscape.

When I first worked against Hezbollah after they had bombed our Marines stationed in Lebanon. The fact that were were there in the first place was due to the misguided instructions of the Reagan State Department.

Like so many terrorist groups around the world, eventually they began to initiate social services to their own poor.  Hezbollah provided aid to the shi’ites living in squalor in Southern Lebanon. From that time to today, Nasarallah transformed Hezbollah into a legitimate political and financial entity within a diverse society.

How do I know?

Less than a decade ago, I ventured into Lebanon as a private citizen, seeking out business opportunities. As one might have expected, the Lebanese especially the Phalangists [Christians], were more than willing to accommodate my entrepreneurial sense. They offered me the opportunity to buy a real hospital. I turned it down because it was completely empty. Yet, I enjoyed my discussions with the multi-talented Phalangists.

Next,I decided to head toward southern Lebanon. There I met shopkeepers, builders, real estate agents, doctors and lawyers who were all part of the new Hezbollah. This group became reconfigured as a civil society of concerned citizens ready to defend themselves from any outside threats.

In 2006, when I read that the IDF invaded Southern Lebanon and was defeated by a small handful of fighters, I was not surprised. I discussed this IDF travesty with one of their prominent Air Force generals and he admitted to me that this invasion was poorly managed and executed.

I wish there to be peace between Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. If any country thinks that they can take on the 8000 brave Hezbollah fighters with impunity, they are sadly mistaken. These are young men who are fighting for their homeland.

FACT: most of the war in Syria occurs minutes away from these Hezbollah fighters’ family/homes.

If history teaches us anything, it’s best not to engage those who are fighting for their homes and families. The British learned this in 1776, now others will learn it in 2017.
A  famous Greek scholar/warrior, A.H. Semptimius, wrote the following:

“Men of honor will always outstay the men of undeserved rank.”

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