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Spalding County, GA — The family of a man who was mowed down by an out of control cop is expressing their shock and disappointment this week after the cop who killed their son and his best friend was given a job as a police officer in their town.

Justin Sullivan and his best friend Quentin Byrd were stuck and killed by officer Terry Belvin as they crossed Highway 7 in 2014. Belvin was driving his police cruiser at speeds topping 100mph. He had no lights on, no siren on, and was not responding to a call.

Dashcam of the horrendous crash has just been released publicly showing the disturbing scene unfold.

In the video, the former Barnesville police officer was driving 96 mph with no lights or sirens on making him nearly invisible to the two pedestrians. As the cop comes over a hill, he has no time at all to stop or swerve, sending the front bumper of his cruiser smashing in to the two men. They both died instantly.

“This man was dangerous. He was reckless. He was driving too fast,” Danita Taylor said.

Sullivan’s family was under the impression that after he killed their beloved son Belvin was forced to give up his peace officer’s license in lieu of criminal prosecution.

In spite of allegedly relinquishing his license, however, Belvin was just hired on as a deputy with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

“I was just disgusted. More so than that, I was just shocked,” Taylor said.

When asked by WSB-TV what happened to Belvin while at their department, the Barnesville police chief said Belvin resigned during the investigation. Quitting your job as a cop while under criminal investigation is a common theme among law enforcement as it aids in avoiding actual accountability.

In Belvin’s case,

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