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Dashcam Shows Cops Speed into Neighborhood Ending In Crash that Killed Woman, 2 Children

South Fulton County, GA — All too often, police officers, hell bent on catching the bad guy, will create dangerous — yet entirely avoidable — situations, like shooting into crowded areas or driving dangerously through neighborhoods full of children. And, all too often, innocent lives are put at risk or lost because of these poor decisions. As a dashcam video released this week highlights, sometimes the best policy is not to pursue a suspect.

Cameron Costner, 12, and Layla Patridge, 6, were on their way to church with their grandma, Dorothy Wright, 75, last year when their lives came to a tragic end. A suspect in a stolen car crashed into to them at a high rate of speed, killing them all.

The family has since filed a lawsuit against the City of College Park police and the Atlanta police for creating this situation which led to the death of their loved ones.

“This was a non-forcible felony, which means there’s no threat to life. The threat to life didn’t begin until the chase began,” attorney Christopher Chestnut said of how both College Park and Atlanta police violated policy by engaging in this dangerous chase.

During the chase, the College Park officer — apparently enthralled with the idea of driving at very high speeds through residential neighborhoods — stopped and watched as the suspect did a three point turn to avoid the Atlanta officer who just joined the chase.


“That was the ‘I could have got you moment’ right there. That’s when it should have ended. It should have ended two minutes before the crash,” said Douglas Partridge, Layla and Cameron’s father.

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But, it did not end there.

“If he does not turn around

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