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Cop Not Disciplined for Insanely Racist Facebook Post About “Greasy Headed Moon Crickets”

Verdigris, OK — In instance after racist instance, police officers, unable to contain their racism and lust for violence, take to social media and declare their intentions. From calling for the murder of protesters to praising child abuse, it seems nothing is taboo for cops. And, as the case below illustrates, their tendencies to wear their racism as a badge of honor is likely due to the fact that they almost never face discipline.

This week, the Verdigris Police Department announced that one of their officers, Brandon Jarvis, will not be suspended or disciplined in any way after his Facebook account left a demeaning and racist comment on a post.

The post was about the recent NFL protests and how players were taking a knee.

The racist post was made in the comments of a post by another person who joked about hockey players “standing for two anthems.” The NHL added a rule in the 1980s that mandated the national anthems of both the United States and Canada be played before every game, reported the Frontier. 

“Precisely why I don’t watch NFL bunch of f–in overpaid greasy headed (expletive) expecting everything for nothing!! It would make my day to bitch slap the Jerry juice outta everyone of them’s hair!! F— em!! #sorrynotf–insorry” Jarvis’ account was quoted as saying.


According to the Frontier, the meaning of the particular racist slur used in the post is debated, but its origin is said to lie in the slavery era of the United States — it was used to describe slaves who would stand and sing under moonlight.

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Once another Facebook user outed Jarvis as a cop with the Verdigris PD, he was asked

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