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We Are Change

We Are Change

Black Pigeon Speaks: I honestly do believe that the kind of energy you give out is the kind of energy you will receive- so if you try to remain a positive and good force for yourself and other people, and the environment around you- that good energy will come back to you.

I really do believe it, and if you’re a negative angry just- an energy that you’re putting out into the universe isn’t healthy that’s what you’re gonna receive.

And if you look at studies- I’ve even I’ve even read about it most of the time when people get cancer a very significant percentage of these people previously – before being diagnosed with cancer were under severe amounts of stress…so you know it’s just the negativity brings on more negativity.

So that’s why you know I like to do things like like today when we were helping the pigeons, you know it takes only a few minutes of my time to help something, and it means a whole load of difference for his life and hopefully that’ll come back to me one day.

This is Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change…we are here somewhere in an Asian country…

Today we are joined by the one only Black Pigeon Speaks in an undisclosed Asian area, with an undisclosed face (for several reasons).

First of all I always wanted to talk to you about your name and where it comes from…Black Pigeon Speaks- that’s not a very kind of generic name…what’s the story behind it?

BPS: The story behind it is, I was in India a number of years ago and I became very very very very ill after being bit by some kind of anonymous, undisclosed animal- and I ended up in the hospital for a long, long time

And after, you know- a few months in the hospital, you know people will stop coming as regularly as when you know and they might come by once a week- so you know I was starved for friends.

So what I did is I would go out and I started feeding pigeons outside in the courtyard in the park near the hospital, bringing my catheters and stuff along the way.

And I just became very good friends with them. And the undisclosed place we’re in right now is actually a place where I became very good friends with another pigeon who was black, and I called him Navy.

He had a broken wing- probably got hit by a car. And I basically took him home and a nursed him back to health and unfortunately he ended up dying a number of months later, but it was about right at the same time that he died. So I

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