IndependentNews.media was launched in March 2017 to be a one-stop-shop for independent news and videos on the internet. In a growing climate of censorship, we believe in protecting our fundamental First Amendment right of free speech and hope this website will make independent news more accessible to everyone in a simple format.

We are not supported by any corporate or political interests. Monetary support to keep this website up and running can be made by purchasing Free Speech T-Shirts and Hats from our sister site, freespeechtshirts.com. These t-shirts and hats are produced at our very own home-based screen printing business. We appreciate the support!

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Our home page includes the real-time latest news and video updates from dozens of independent media outlets. See our big list of independent news media here, even if we don’t necessarily agree with all of their viewpoints. If you’d like to suggest more independent sources for us to add to our list, you may contact us here. To learn more about how our mainstream media is controlled what makes a media source independent, visit this page.

What is the real FAKE NEWS? We expose here how many of the mainstream media sources that many Americans still turn to for their news have been corrupted by corporate and government influence. These organizations have repeatedly stretched the truth beyond limits and fail to fact check, while cowering to their corporate owners and lying to the American public day after day. Although people have relied on these fake news sources to get their news for years, we need to get the word out about the corruption – so please share this website with all of your friends!

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~ Rik Jones, Founder of IndependentNews.media