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I’m seeing more YouTube channels being demonetized, terminated, and blacklisted so if you can please sign up on our email list. That way we have another way to contact you as I patiently wait for the inevitable next attack on our YouTube channel by the Google Alphabet CIA monopoly corporatocracy.

We’re going to give you the news that’s important and the news that matters. You probably won’t hear anywhere else because we’re living in a day and age of mass misinformation and propaganda. In today’s video we’re going to talk about war mongers bankrupting this country, more saber-rattling by Israel and Saudi Arabia, plus some important psychological lessons to learn from the latest U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

Video is also available on DTUBE

There is a bigger battle for the future of all wars right now at the US Senate plus a lot more.

As we are shooting this video, US Senator Ted Cruz is trending worldwide on Twitter. Moments after he liked a pornographic video. He seemingly did not realize that likes are public. Everyone is now going crazy.

The official Pornhub Twitter account has even offered Ted Cruz a premium membership to their services. Personally, this issue does not affect my life or anyone else in the general public. I see it as a distraction, but there are some important lessons we could learn here. Number one, no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, including a US Senator representative of the United States. He is a conservative and preaches traditional values who boasts on his public Twitter account that he’s a father of two and who his wife is.

However, he publicly liked a pornographic video on his Twitter account on 9/11. The second lesson is what you resist persists, and for me, it shouldn’t be a big deal that he liked the pornographic video. However, people do see it as a big deal because this is the same Ted Cruz that defended a ban on dildos and other sex toys in Texas with his legal team arguing that there was “no right to stimulate one’s genitals.”

If you study psychology, you understand that what people hate the most in others is usually the shadow within themselves. As demonstrated wonderfully in a hypocritical political system with incidents like this one.

Also with former Republican Senator Larry Craig who helped enact the military “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. He was also known as an anti-gay marriage campaigner. He was caught soliciting sex from what an undercover male police officer in a public bathroom.

Often if someone hates you because of the way you choose to live your life, or your sex, or your

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